Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Christian Workplace Groups - Latest TW UK Newsletter

Read the latest Newsletter from TW UK - here - including info on starting a NEW Christian Workplace Group where you are.  I was thrilled to hear recently of two workplaces in Temple Quay area where Christians are starting to meet to pray where they work. YIPPEEEE!

If you haven't found TW UK before, they are an amazing bunch of people, dedicated to helping these groups to start, and to flourish as outward-looking difference-makers.  If you want to know if there is a group in a workplace, or in a profession, their website is where you'll find an answer. And if you are in such a group, make sure it is listed there for others to find you.

I know, I'm a bit keen on all this, but I recognise that such groups are VITAL if we are to see Bristol transformed inside out by His people in workplaces across the City!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Monday, 11 April 2016

Great Resources for Christians in Work & Business

Work is a hugely significant frontline – one in which we can join in God’s transformative mission through the work we do, the people we influence and the structures we touch.

LICC have some great resources available -  HERE

(LICC = London Institute of Contemporary Christianity - http://www.licc.org.uk )

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

ICCC - What's that all about?

If you have heard me mention, and are curious to know more about, ICCCThe International Christian Chamber of Commerce, this is for you!  
This is the business ministry of which I am a member, and from whose members I have learned so very much of the heart and ways of Jesus, and the ways of the Kingdom of God – (which I guess is any life in which the Loving Rule of Jesus Christ is gratefully embraced, and from whom His life and love is, therefore, overflowing)

 MEET THE TEAM - You would be very welcome on Saturday 23rd April, 08.30-12.30,  at a special ICCC morning @ Bristol Golf Club, Blackhorse Hill, Near Almondsbury, BS10 7TP  – very close to, and just North of, the Cribbs Causeway M5 junction. www.bristolgolfclub.co.uk  

There will be a chance to talk with some members of the UK Board, and other local members, hear some explanation of what ICCC is about, share stories, and more. Bacon Butties @ 08.30!   Free to come, donations welcome. If you would like to come to that, please e-mail Carla Peters to tell her you’re coming - carla.peters@uk.iccc.net.   I am confident you would find the morning both enjoyable and helpful.

In the meantime, there is lots of helpful stuff on our new International website – www.iccc.net – which I hope you find encouraging.  I also have a book – Business Unlimited -  a very encouraging and challenging read – and / or a similar-but-different 2-CD disc set – The Call & Purpose of ICCC, which - either or both book and CD's  - I would be very pleased to give you, post to you, whatever!  t.simpson@uk.iccc.net

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

So, how did it go? (Workplace conference @ Woodlands, 27th Feb)

"It was an excellent event and I was delighted to be able to take part"

"I really enjoyed the day and think I have taken some important things away to ponder, pray and action"

"I would thank you and all the others for organising such a great conference, to me it had all the right framework of setup as a good inter-church activity that I think is so important to do for this kind of thing.  That was a really strong aspect and the whole timing, organising and structure of the event came together with so much sense - people really work well together in the West country!"

"Indeed other exhibitors said this conference proved more effective than others they had been to"

THANK YOU  . . . . to all the delegates, exhibitors, speakers, and behind-the-scenes-enablers who made this Saturday morning a success, all by God's grace, and for all the constructive criticism, as well as the  generous compliments! WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE EVENTS TO COME!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

ICCC? An introduction, PLUS real-life business faith-walk stories

A chance to meet some of ICCC's UK Board members, to find out more of what the International Christian Chamber of Commerce is about, and to hear some real-life business faith-walk stories.   (Bacon Butties @ 08.30)

April 23rd - Open to all, but let us know you're coming
Bristol Golf Club, BS10 7TP

Book NOW? ......Queries? ......  keithrcottrell@aol.com

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

PRAYER - for those in Business & Workplace across Bristol

If you believe that PRAYER is the foundation of God's work, join us for our Business & Workplace prayer, March gathering:-

Hope Community Church's Prayer Centre, BS8 4ND 
Tuesday 16th March
18.00 - 19.15

to come before Him on behalf on the many thousands who work in Bristol and surrounds. Questions ? - Tim Simpson - t.simpson@uk.iccc.net - m: 077 66 11 0718

"If you think you're too small to make a difference, you have never spent a night sharing a sleeping bag with a mosquito"